Meet Our Members

As a psychiatric organization, the Mid-Hudson Psychiatric Society has several officers and committee members who endeavor to uphold our mission.
These members, based in Arlington, New York, are listed below.


• President, Yugandhar Munnangi, M.D.

• President-Elect, Frank Galante, M.D.

• Immediate Past President, Masum Ahmed, M.D.

• Secretary, Kishor Zinzuvadia, M.D.

• Treasurer, S.Robert Bakall, M.D.

• Alternate Treasurer, Yugandhar Munnangi, M.D.

• Assembly Representative, Kenneth Wilson, M.D.


• Deputy Assembly Representatives, Kenneth Wilson, M.D.

• Legislative/Public Affairs Representative, Nayalini Srishkandarajah, M.D.

• Early Career Representative, Lakshmi Munnangi, M.D.

• Ethics Chairman, Sushil Chandra, M.D.

• Member/ Fellowship Chairman,Masum Ahmed M.D., Kenneth Wilson, M.D.

• Program Chairman, Kenneth Wilson, M.D., Yugandhar Munnanagi M.D.

• Web Master, Yugandhar Munnangi, M.D.

Historian Committee:

• Sushil Chandra, M.D.

• Leon Krakower, M.D.

• William Donohue, MD

Executive Committee

The Executive Council, consisting of the Officers, Representatives, Committee Chairpersons, Program Chairman, and Newsletter Editor/ Web Master, meet several times a year to conduct the business of the District Branch. The Secretary works closely with the President and the Executive Director to conduct the flow of business.

The Assembly and Legislative/Public Affairs Representatives are actively involved, representing the District Branch at the New York State Psychiatric Association and the American Psychiatric Association meetings. It should be noted that, since the decision of the APA Assembly in 2010 to reduce the number of representatives from the NYSPA Delegation to the Assembly and Annual Meetings, the West Hudson and Mid-Hudson District Branch share representation to the meetings with one representative attending for both District Branches. The District Branch Program Chairman plans and executes nine membership meetings a year to include pertinent educational programs with business and social activity for the membership.

The professional skills of the psychiatrist are always in great demand, but particularly in this last decade with the September 11, 2001 attack on the World Trade Center in New York City, followed by the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars. Our returning troops suffer from devastating injuries and PTSD. The devastation of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast oil disaster also left an emotional and psychological impact. Our troubled youth, with shootings and killings in our schools, need psychiatric guidance more than ever. Ultimately, the raging destruction of a depression with the collapse of our economy, which resulted in the loss of jobs, has created a troubled society in dire need of our psychiatric services.


Budget Committee:

• S. Robet Bakall, M.D., Chairperson

Constitution and By Laws

• Yugandhar Munnangi, M.D., Chairperson

Program Chairman

• Kenneth Wilson, M.D. Yugandhar Munnangi M.D.

Newsletter Editor

• Yugandhar Munnangi, M.D.

Ethics Committee:

• Sushil Chandra, M.D.., Chairperson

Fellowship Committee:

• Kenneth Wilson, M.D.

Geriatric Psychiatry

•Sushil Chandra, M.D., Chairperson

Hospital and Community Psychiatrists

• Sushil Chandra, M.D., Chairperson

Impaired Physicians Committee:

• Yugandhar Munnangi, M.D., Chairman

Membership Committee:

• Masum Ahmed, Chairperson

Nominating Committee:

• Immediate Past-Presidents

Correctional Psychiatry Committee

• S.Robert Bakall, M.D.

•Carlos Valle M.D.