The Mid-Hudson Psychiatric Society Scholarship Program

In order to raise awareness in the educational community about the opportunities available in the mental health field, the Mid-Hudson Psychiatric Society of Arlington, New York, developed a scholarship program. Graduating high school seniors from 35 high schools in the District Branch catchment area are eligible to compete for the awards granted by our psychiatric organization, which are solely supported by a membership raffle and the generosity of the members.

The Application Process

High school principals are notified in February of the Scholarship Award and forwarded applications to be completed by the students, with assistance from their guidance counselor. Applications are forwarded by the student to the Mid-Hudson Psychiatric Society in May. The Scholarship Committee reviews and selects the students who are to receive the awards. The students selected for the Scholarship awards are invited, with their parents, to the District Branch Annual Business Meeting to receive their awards and certificates of achievement.

The History of Our Scholarship

In 2004, Leon Krakower, M.D., Assembly Representative, introduced the Herman B. Snow, M.D. Scholarship Award Program to the Executive Council, urging them to take over the program. The Scholarship Award Program was originally established in honor of the late Herman B. Snow, M.D., a Past-President of the District Branch and Director of Hudson River State Hospital. Snow was a well-known pioneer in the treatment of the mentally ill, championed for their rights, and established the open door policy. In 2016, the name of the program was changed to The Jaime Rodriguez Mid-Hudson Psychiatric Society Scholarship Program in honor of the late Dr. Rodriguez, who was a Distinguished Fellow of the APA, and was instrumental in allowing us to continue with this Annual Scholarship, in a time where we as an organization, were not sure if we would be able to continue with the program.

To find out more information about the scholarship or to donate.
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